The Teammate Hit-and-Run!

One thing that I can’t stand while watching a team play is when two players, who are going for the same ball, accidentally collide with each other and make no effort to see if the other person is ok. Instead, they don’t say a word and walk back to their spots on the court.

WHO DOES THIS?!!!  Well, I see it happening all of the time in college, high school and club volleyball matches!

I can’t stand this. Maybe it is because I come from a family of 5 kids, where we were crammed into a minivan with tons of accidental elbows, shoulder bumping, and other types of incidental contact, so when it happened on a court, I never assumed my teammate “meant” to hit me.  Or maybe, it’s just common courtesy? Dunno. But what I do know is that caring about your teammates is essential for team unity.

Players, if you are playing aggressively, you may accidentally run into a teammate. This happens! Expect it. If a teammate runs into you, quickly assume it’s an accident.  And do you know what happens when there’s an accident? Each person makes sure that the other one is ok! (MIND BLOWN!)

When players walk away from each other after an incident in which there’s unintentional contact, it creates automatic division on a team. Communication between two players after these situations is essential to keep the peace!

Don’t be THAT punk teammate who walks away from a collision without checking to see if your teammate is ok. AND don’t be THAT baby of a teammate who takes this personally, as if they really meant to collide with you. Remember, accidentally running into your teammate is going to happen if you’re both playing aggressively. It’s part of the game.

If any accidental contact happens, check on your teammate. Be the bigger person and learn the phrase, “Are you ok?”

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