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On the volleyball court, a setter touches the ball more often than any player. was created by American Volleyball standout, Kele Eveland with the idea that, if setters are more confident and consistent, then her team will be more confident; thus, creating more confident women through the game of volleyball.  

Through her world travels with the game of volleyball, Kele Eveland brings her international training right to your home to share specific techniques and drills that have been tested and proven successful both as a player and as a Division I college coach.   

What does Your Subscription include?

Your subscription includes a detailed video collection created for coaches and players of all levels looking for ideas and ways to improve practice, overall skills, consistency, and leadership.

Footwork & Hand Positioning

Getting to the ball isn’t always the hardest part for a setter, it’s what you do when you get to the ball. Teach any player how to set with these step-by-step basics and a hand-finish that Kele learned in Brazil which took her game to another level!  Yes! Hands CAN BE trained!

Strength Building Drills

Learn how to build strength in your set and power with little effort. From setting to using a setter’s tip effectively, check out these strength building drills that will inevitably help your game!

Body Positioning

For both forward and back sets, learn how your body should look and what to do with your hands.

Leadership Training

Are you ready for this? Setting a ball is one thing, but a good leader takes an average team and makes them successful. Learn strategies and tips to improve your leadership to take your team from ok to GREAT!

Faith in Sport

Huh? What does this mean? Well, maturing as a person helps a setter be more stable and confident on the court for her team. These lessons will help you both as a person and as a player.


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