Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Teaching Moment:

Hey, wait! Isn’t serving the opposite of leading? Yeah, I once thought the same too. The crazy thing is, people will actually follow someone who they know cares about their team and teammates’ success over their own personal achievements.

The question I have for you is, “Is your intention to be the best individual player, or would you sacrifice all individual awards/honors for your team’s success?”  If you can sincerely get to a place where you can whole-heartedly say that you would much rather have your team have incredible success than receiving one personal award, then you are ready to lead a team to unimaginable heights.

Serving is not a passive type of leadership, but instead, it takes the most confident person on a team willing to do whatever it takes to make others around them better.  Are you that player? If not, what selfish thoughts do you have to give up in order to truly lead your team? Teammates can “smell” selfish intentions like bad breath.  How’s your breath smelling?

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