Rock the Boat – Improve Strength & Stability

Rock the Boat – Improve Strength & Stability


Creating good ball hands is important for setters when they take the ball outside of their body. Many times setters will have to set off of one leg. This drill is great to train the hands on a  “2” to “3” for balls that are outside the setter’s body.

Keys for Success:

– Make sure the setter forms good ball hands around the medicine ball and volleyball as she “rocks the boat” to one side and the other in addition to having a strong “2” to “3” finish.

Do the Drill:

– The setter sits on the ground, places her feet a little out front of her, and touches the bottoms of both feet together.  This will begin the “Rock the Boat” positioning.
– The tosser will stand close to the setter and begin tossing first the medicine ball and then a volleyball, alternating the tosses to her right and left.
– The number of repetitions and sets are based on a setter’s ability because this drill requires wrist and core strength.

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