Who’s Got the Right-of-Way?

Who’s Got the Right-of-Way?

Teaching Moment:


Waiting for the setter to yell, “HELP” causes hesitation and is too late for another teammate to make a good play to improve the ball’s location.  Hesitation on the volleyball court results in points for your opponents. So setters, please let your teammates know to call “MINE” if the ball is close to them.  If your teammate has a better play on the ball, call out their name and yell, “Go!” But if you, as the setter, feel like you can make a better play on the ball, call “MINE” on that 2nd contact, and it’s your ball.

Let’s get rid of this word “HELP” all together on the court. Make aggressive “MINE” calls and understand who has the “right-of-way” if two people are calling “MINE”.


Who has the RIGHT-OF WAY if two players are calling “MINE”?

1st Contact Situations (the pass or dig):

  • Between a Libero and any other player? Libero
  • Between a Setter and any other player? Any other player
  • Between a front row player and back row player? Back row player
  • Between a Defensive Specialist and a back row hitter? Defensive Specialist

2nd Contact Situations (the set): 

  • Between a Setter and any other player? The Setter
  • Between a Libero and any other player (other than the setter)? The Libero
  • Between a back row player and a front row player? Back Row Player

3rd Contact Situations (attack or the send-over): 

  • Between a hitter moving backwards to hit or a hitter moving forward to hit? The Hitter moving forward
  • Between a hitter attacking the ball or another teammate passing the ball over the net? The Hitter Attacking 
  • On a crazy ball, emergency send-over, the player facing the net or the person with her back toward the net? The player facing the net


These are some general volleyball rules to understand the “right-of-way” on a “MINE” call by two players at the same time; however, each team is different and coaches can designate who they desire to have the “right-a-way” in these particular situations.

For all players, stay aggressive and call “MINE” if the ball is close to you and understand who has the “right-of-way” on each contact.  This will eliminate the annoying hesitation that exists with the word “help”.

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